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I do a lot of headshots for actors and I do a lot of work with models.  About a year ago or so,  I decided that I wanted to do much more than take pictures of pretty people.  I wanted to create work that would make people look and think.  One way to achieve this was to find a process for turning my photographs into paintings  (or digital art).  

Noooo, of course I can't give you my recipe but I will say that it varies depending on the photo.  Also, I've found that it doesn't work with every photo so it may affect how I shoot.  Basically, I would have to photography my subjects in a way that is amenable to the process that turns them into paintings.

I'm really excited to have a specific look and style!  While I am an Ocala photographer, the internet puts my work within your grasp wherever you are.  Click on the link underneath the photo to purchase my work.

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