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It took a little bit of effort to get photos of this Mickey Mouse power tower. I actually ended up having to go to the next exit, turn around and came back to get a better angle. When you drive an SUV, it hurts to drive around in circles! But when you want something bad enough, you will pay the cost. Initially, it felt a little silly being pulled over on the side of the road but 1.) no one cares 2.) once I started snapping away, I didn't care. I even had a road ranger stop and ask me if I was ok, LOL. Make it a habit to go beyond, do more and work harder than other people. When you do this, you get results that they can't. Its also like working a muscle. Once you work so hard, everything less than that level of effort is easy. My instructors at Truthful Acting Studios tell me, when training, you must always make everything as difficult as possible. When you do this, you can work at any level of difficulty.

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