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I like body paint. Essentially, the artist uses the human body as a canvas for their creativity. What I hadn’t seen up until about a year or so ago was this metallic body paint from Mehron. I love it because it turns the person into a work of art; a living statue if you will. I call what I do, Fine Art Statue Photography, because you have to call it something. Once someone is painted this way, there is no pressure to be sexy, it doesn’t matter if you are thin, athletic, plus size, curvy, there is no judgement; it is really instant beauty.

I give the person I am painting a lot of education about how to prepare for the session physically and mentally. It is different than modeling in that the paint does most of the work for you. It takes about 2 hours to get painted and while I do have a studio, I prefer to shoot on location. I try to find locations where the model can be showcased as if they were a statue. It takes … some effort to get all of the paint off but don’t think of it as paint that is difficult to get of; think of it as an afterglow.

When it is all over you walk away with two things. If you have never been painted before, it is a novel experience. You basically spend a few hours with someone focusing all of their attention on making you look amazing so that it can be captured. The second takeaway is you become fine art. You could easily put up a canvas on your wall and have art (not just photos but actual art) that features you in a body positive way in your own home. There is power in seeing yourself as beautiful on a daily basis.

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