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You can use textures to spice up your images.  If you have a white or black space and you want to break it up, pull in a texture and lower the opacity to give the image more dimension.  There are textures that you can download from the internet for free but why not make your own.

For the 2nd week of my Project 52, I photographed paper.  I bought a few different types of paper and used  my macro tubes and my Canon 24mm to shoot the paper up close.  Some of the images work fine as images all on their own but others will lay on top of another image and create interest quite well.

Just a note,  I had a friend who had a mantra so I created some art for her.  I knew what I wanted the background to look like so I found one of my old images, stretched it out and used it as a texture.  I like this better than using something online because it will be unquestionably custom.

Stay Sharp!!


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